Wednesday, August 20, 2008

gigolo! ha sucka!

guess who used to live in my neighborhood? neneh cherry! oddly enough, i found this fact out from a comment on a long island city website, and now i have confirmation from this 1989 article from the new york times.

i was relaying this most exciting news to darkpony this morning, and i said, "it's weird that she lived here since she is british." (note: british people are allowed to live in long island city.) darkpony politely pointed out that neneh cherry is not british but just uses a cockney accent in the middle of "the buffalo stance."

"what is he like? what is he like, anyway?"

ha ha. oops. here's the video!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i heart b_ _ bies!

this post was originally going to be a rant about those rubber bracelets like the lance armstrong "livestrong" bracelet and how i'm not such a fan of those, especially after i saw some woman wearing three bracelets that said, "i heart boobies," on them.
anyway, the funny part of this story is that i was showing darkpony something on my computer when he suddenly became distracted. well, you know that little google search box that is up by the browser window? mine had a search for "i heart boobies bracelet," but i think darkpony only saw the "i heart boobies" part. i tried to explain to him that i was looking this up because i saw this woman on the subway, and i wanted to see if this was an actual bracelet that was related to fighting breast cancer blah blah blah...but he was not buying it. oh well. busted!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

holy bejeezus!

here i am just trying to enjoy a night of watching the olympics, and then a commercial for lipstick jungle comes on. as i briefly look up from my laptop, i catch a glimpse of someone who i think is mary tyler moore, yet her face is melting and her eyes are missing. seriously, facelifts ain't right, kids!

what else have i been up to?

not much. i was in san francisco last week and discovered that it is only the 15th most populous city in the united states. i know! right? mind is blown. who knew? it's the second most densely populated city, so that's why i was fooled i guess. though i did keep seeing the same people...

oh, my chair finally arrived. ray! now it's covered in sticky paws to keep them little rascals from scratching it.

finally, i totally rammed my knee into this marble thing that is part of our bathtub. yowsers! that hurt and i had quite a bruise for a while.

yep. that's all i've got for you.

and she's back...perhaps

obviously i've been doing something totally awesome all summer which is why i haven't been posting. let's pretend like i was at some artists' colony rather than sitting in my officle doing nothing. boo hoo.

anyway, i'm back because we have an important issue to discuss: the olympics. more specifically, swimming. and really specifically, goggles. has anyone else noticed that everything about swimming- the suits, the pool, the lane lines, etc.- have made technological advances over the years, but the goggles- and swim caps for that matter- are pretty much the same as when i was last on a swim team some twenty-three years ago? i believe that the goggle industry is as corrupt as the oil industry. for reals!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

by the sound of it...

i think alec baldwin was the conductor on my e train this morning!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what's the point?

i was just managing some of my google reader blogs and saw one that hadn't had an update in a while. so i went to the actual site, and it said, "you have to be invited to read this blog." this was a blog i enjoyed reading, but i'm not going to grovel to the author to ask if i can be invited to read her blog. blah X. the internet is for the people!


thanks to the cooperation of my parents, the reality of buying my chair has been made possible. good thing i stopped by crate and barrel yesterday because the damn thing is more popular than originally thought. i had to backorder it! i really thought that no one would want it, and i would end up buying it at a bargain price. my instincts were wrong. per usual.

Friday, May 02, 2008

watch out, tina fey

today, darkpony commented that i was dressed like a journalist (from the seventies, i might add). anyway, it's a good look, and one i may embrace. in response to his comment, i flaunted my mad improve skillz for dp. here's how it went down:

me (pretending to be a journalist): let's go into the city and talk to that guy.

pretty good! i should be in the most advanced class of second city with these skillz. with a z.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

a-hole of the day

so i've had to stop reading blogs about all of the luxury condo development in nyc because it was just bringing me down, but today, the new york times has this article about hotels being built in the dutch kills section of queens. this neighborhood is just north of the neighborhood where i live. anyway, i really love this quote from one of the developers:

Steven Bahar, one of the developers, said critics should consider the alternative to such construction. “If we don’t build in New York and the areas that are close to mass transit,” he said, “where are the city planners supposed to put development? In the suburbs, where people use cars and destroy the environment?”

how thoughtful you are, steven bahar. a-hole!